Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A baggy Christmas to all

The zeitgeist this year seems to be bags. I made cotton totebags for several of my friends:

And two of them were kind enough to send me bags too. In one day I went from carrying around my works in progress in plastic grocery bags to having an actual choice in crochet bags! So cool.

My friend Mary, who lives in Singapore, sent me this eye-popping, sparkly jewel of a bag. It's built such that it's really one bag inside another, so that there are all sorts of pockety areas, which I love.

And my crazy-talented friend Sheila sent me this bag, which she made with her new sewing machine that does everything but wash the dishes. It's got all kinds of meaningul things sewn into a pocket in the front, behind plastic. And it's got an interior pocket and a solid bottom.

Dude, you could totally sell these and make enough money to buy that land in Honduras you've had your eye on. I'm telling you, you should look into it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pre-holiday miscellany

I took a random photo of the ottoman in front of my beloved Big Comfy Chair to document the many projects I always seem to have going on. On the left is the granny square blanket I made earlier this year. It's been keeping me toasty as I work on other projects. Let's see, what else is there...oh yes, the sleeves that I haven't really worn since I finished them. Two skeins of sock yarn. Some cotton for the bags, one of which is in process and the other of which is done. Pins for attaching the bag pocket and paper and pen for keeping track of rows. Oh, and a tape measure for measuring bag handle length.

And here's a not very good photo of what the new weaving project may look like someday if I ever get over my fear of breaking a thread. It'll look just like a peacock's feather!

And believe it or not, this is the beginning of a rug.

Monday, December 03, 2007

My first sock

The directions were not the greatest, I've never even knitted a sock, much less crocheted one, and I was using left over yarn that my sister didn't need, so this is not the prettiest sock in the world, but it's mine.

Even now I'm hard at work on another one ... so far it's going more smoothly.