Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery amigurumi

I spent the better part of the week working on a new amigurumi project, the final photos of which I won't post until probably next week. I will say that it's been a challenge...I thought I knew everything about crochet, and about amigurumi, but this thing had me sit up and pay attention.

Here's the first 10 rounds or so.

So far it looks like any other amigurumi. At this point it could turn into just about anything.
And here we are at the halfway point.

Those twists and turns? They're accomplished by making short rows, sort of akin to short rows in knitting, and then going back to the beginning of the round, BACKWARDS AND WITH THE LEFT HAND. This took some getting used to. Turns out I'm extremely right handed.
And here's the body, all done. In total, the body is 150 "rounds," although quite a few rounds only went halfway around, followed by the backwards, left-handed part of the curve, which frankly took about three times as long as a whole round. It never really got any easier. Also, it's stuffed as you go, which is unusual with amigurumi. This was fine in the beginning rounds, but as it got longer it was hard to hold the thing because it was so stiff, while at the same time crocheting backwards. Don't get me wrong ... it was fun!

It actually doesn't twist quite as much as it should. Not sure why that is.
And here are all the various bits and pieces that will be attached.

Any guesses?
Finally, I started another little project, but I might not have enough yarn to see it through to the end. Again, it needs to remain a mystery for the moment, so here's a closeup of the tangled mess it currently is.

Perhaps this one is an easier guess.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Secret project revealed

The secret project from last week has been mailed and delivered, so now it can be revealed. It's a hooded scarf. I may make more!

Here it is in the down position, all cowl-like and warm and toasty.
And here it is in the up position, ready to take on any nasty weather.
I also finished the blue bamboo shawl but I didn't remember to take photos before I put it in the mail.

Here it is near the end of weaving.
And, new yarn!

One of my favorite sights.
And finally, I started a new amigurumi. It's going to be super complicated and fun to make, I hope.

The first 10 of 149 rows for the body.

Monday, November 14, 2011

So much progress

My back is killing me, and I slept for 10 hours last night, but it's worth it because I got a whole lot done this weekend.

I got the new warp wound onto the loom.

This was quite possibly the fastest, least problem-beset wind-on I've ever done.
And then in the space of one day I threaded all the heddles, sleyed the reed, and got the thing tied on to the front beam.

Again, with no problems other than a rapidly seizing back.
And then I got it about halfway woven!

My luck ran out at this point though. Something weird happened to one of the shafts, which caused undue pressure on one thread, which then broke. But I fixed it and moved on. Hopefully that's the first and last broken thread.
AND I also finished a Super Sekrit project which I will reveal maybe next week. The holidays are coming so it's possible I'll only be posting pieces of projects between now and January.

I will say this: it turned out well and I may be making more.
And in between all that I also made a batch of killer brownies and watched a ton of football. Not a bad weekend.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Monday!

I actually got some stuff done in the last week.

I finished the bamboo shawl:

Lovely feel and drape.
And looks nice against a black chair!
I started another shawl that will use the same pattern, but in a different color. This time up: blue.

That's as far as I got though.
And I got yarn for a new crochet project! Yay!

It's a lovely purple in merino and ... something else that I forget.
I even did a couple of gauge swatches, something I'm not normally prone to doing. This is with the hook that's called for in the pattern. Way too big.
And here's one hook size down. It probably doesn't look any different, but trust me, the gauge was a good idea.