Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

So the big secret about this year's holiday crafting is that I didn't do all that much of it.

I made a thick, chunky scarf, crocheted in five long strands and then braided together.

I attached it to the rug so I could pull on it and get all the strands to end up the same length at the end.
This thing is really pretty chunky.
Like, super chunky. I hope it's not too chunky for the person I sent it to.
The other fun thing I made this year was for my mother. My mother has a longstanding fatwa against any and all slugs. She takes great joy in stalking about her garden and stomping them to death. So when I saw this pattern of course I had to make one for her.

The construction was really easy. Make the body, make the eye stalks, then crochet a little fringe around the body.
Really the hardest part was getting the little eye beads into the openings. The eye beads give him his personality, I think.
A side view showing the sluggy fringe.
Naturally, when The Husband saw it, he demanded one for himself to add to the collection.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011

The making of a dragon

Ok! The mystery amigurumi may now be revealed. The child's birthday party was yesterday, so now I can blab all about the dragon.

First, we start out with the body, as described last week.

He pretty much looks like an earthworm at this point.
Also from last week, all the bits and pieces.

Now he has a mouth so he looks slightly less worm-like. The mouth is in two pieces, a top jaw and a bottom jaw.
Then we add some eye ridges, or brows as they were called in the directions.
Next up: horns!
Now a crest along the back. Looking more dragon-like by the minute.
And arms...rawr!
Some fringe along the jaw for added oomph.
A long mustache to make him wise.
And finally, some eyes.
Here's a back view. He stands up much better now that he has legs. Also, the construction of the arms and legs was genius. There's a bump in the middle, created with short rows, that when sewn together causes the legs to bend and have knees. Genius!
And a final front view.
All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this project turned out. It didn't spiral nearly as much as the one in the directions did. I'm not sure whether that's because I'm such a tight crocheter or because I was pushing the turns in the wrong direction when I was going backwards with the left hand. I took my time putting all the pieces on, putting one item on a day for about a week. I'm pretty sure that saved my sanity.

And I fully realize this is not age appropriate for a 1-year-old. His mother can put it on a shelf until he's ready.