Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

So the big secret about this year's holiday crafting is that I didn't do all that much of it.

I made a thick, chunky scarf, crocheted in five long strands and then braided together.

I attached it to the rug so I could pull on it and get all the strands to end up the same length at the end.
This thing is really pretty chunky.
Like, super chunky. I hope it's not too chunky for the person I sent it to.
The other fun thing I made this year was for my mother. My mother has a longstanding fatwa against any and all slugs. She takes great joy in stalking about her garden and stomping them to death. So when I saw this pattern of course I had to make one for her.

The construction was really easy. Make the body, make the eye stalks, then crochet a little fringe around the body.
Really the hardest part was getting the little eye beads into the openings. The eye beads give him his personality, I think.
A side view showing the sluggy fringe.
Naturally, when The Husband saw it, he demanded one for himself to add to the collection.

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Anonymous said...

I love my chunky scarf! I wear it in a single strand, not doubled around neck. It reminds me of Celtic knot patterns. The ends are now twisted into the braiding so it looks like it is somehow one continuous strand. I tell people that my dear friend who created it is amazingly magical. Thank you!