Monday, January 23, 2012

Om nom nom nom

Some time early last year my friend Sheila sent me a link to some pretty cute mittens, with a strong hint that maybe I should make them for her. She's a diver who lives in Alaska, and any chance she can get to flee to warm water, she takes.

So I filed the pattern away for a later time. Not long before Christmas I took a look at it, and wow. The mittens are made using Tunisian crochet, which up until this point I'd only used to make a nice square blanket. So that was kind of intimidating And the pattern was written for an 8-year-old boy, and the author's advice for making mittens for adults was basically "add some rows and stitches." AND her advice for making the other mitten was "reverse shaping." I can follow any directions in the world, but those are the kind of directions I really do not appreciate.

Sigh. So I procrastinated for a ridiculously long time. And then, as you might expect, I had to stop and start again several times, realize that they STILL weren't big enough, start over, lather, rinse repeat. I only recently finished the things and got them in the mail.

And then there was that huge west coast storm, so they didn't arrive until last week. Gah! It's always something.

So anyway, I didn't take any photos of the mittens while they were underway because if I stopped long enough to do that there was a very good chance entropy would set in and I would NEVER get them done. But here they are in their finished glory. They only just barely fit over my gigantic man hands, and it's pretty clear that I only figured out the whole decrease situation on the second mitten, but I think they still turned out pretty well, despite the many obstacles.

It's always the eyes that bring this kind of thing to life.

They're not exactly sharks to strike fear in one's heart.
But they do have red scary mouths and lots of teeth and speckled bellies.
Cute, yes?
And here they are in their new home!


She said...

Michelle - You are so talented! I am so lucky to be the recipient of some of your lovely work! (now, about the giant amigurumi seahorse I saw the other day.....) Just kidding! I may have to learn to chrochet some day! I have not quite gotten to blocking them yet, I spent the weekend blow-drying shrink plastic over the windows instead (the house is sooo ghetto now!) which surprisingly seems to be working as advertised - but I am loving just looking at my lovely shark mittens! Once I have them blocked a little (my hands also pretty meathook-y, apparently) I'll be able to grip the steering wheel, then look out! Sharks on the road! (Like snakes on a plane, only better) - ok, word verify is ainess - that's just phonetically.....wrong.....

Heather said...

i also have this pattern stashed away somewhere! a certain husband wanted them, but he got a shark hat instead because i too was intimidated.