Monday, January 30, 2012


Some friends asked me to make them mittens a couple of weeks ago. So we went back and forth about what they wanted and what I thought I was capable of. Joe picked some fairly simple knitted mittens that I thought I could just about manage. Turns out I can knit a mitten in a day, even with back-to-back migraines trying to keep me down! Who would have thought.

And they're fancy, with a folding cuff. Joe is color blind so he wanted black. I thought that was boring so made the cuff a light green. He'll never know the difference.
Because I don't knit that often I had no idea you could create a thumb just by adding stitches, but you can, and it's like magic.
But that doesn't mean I wasn't totally intimidated by the thumbs and left them until the last minute. Then after some YouTube surfing, I figured it out.
Putting 12 stitches on three needles is kind of an ungainly mess, but it really does produce a thumb.
Ta-da! Some straightforward buttons, and a single crochet edging around the cuff to finish them off. I have enough yarn left over to do another pair with the colors reversed. Those should look nice as well.
Should be nice and toasty. Now if the stupid weather would drop down out of the 60s, that would be nice.

Ilana wanted fingerless gloves, and now I'm feeling cocky, so I'm knitting them on size 1 needles and also included beading.
Because it means I get to do my favorite thing, which is work from CHARTS. Woo!


She of shark mittens said...

.....and for my next are amazing, woman. Yeah, the second pair, beading AND cabling, looks like! I'm on a couple of quilt projects now that need to get done, then I'll get back to knitting. And updating the blog. Who needs to vacuum? :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet are those mittens! I have been doing a lot of knitting also....a wool hat for hubby, two skater beanies for my son, sock monkey wool hand warmers and mohair scarf for one daughter, a fuzzy mohair scarf for the other, a pair of wool socks for my Mom, and finally for me: a gorgeous superwash fingering wool lace scarf for me...complete with beads :) Guess we are on the same wave-length!

what's even cooler: my capcha word for this post: lacienew Lacie and new!!!