Monday, February 06, 2012

Another genius thumb

I have become a big fan of the thumb gusset in knitting. It's genius! You add a bunch of stitches in a V shape, put them on a stitch holder for later, then put them on needles and continue knitting, and like magic you have a thumb.

From the marker to the left is the glove in pattern. To the right of the marker are the thumb stitches. There are 24 rows of thumb stitches, so if you travel down in a V shape you should be able to see where it diverts from the pattern.
Then you put the stitches on a holder (I only have monster-sized holders, which is a pain) and close up the gap at the top, and continue knitting in the pattern.
It's a little unwieldy at the moment, but I only have a few more rows to do before binding off.

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She said...

Sweet! So you are INCREASING to make the V pattern, right? Very pretty yarn you are using for those mitts!

I need to put a TV in my sewing room, and finish this Round Robin nonsense I'm into - so I can get back to more Quilting. It's hard to do it when everything is in boxes, and I don't have all my fabric and tools organized like in the condo!