Monday, February 13, 2012

Hell on Needles

Apparently I practice Extreme Cruelty to Knitting Needles.

I finished the first fingerless glove, except for the thumb, and before I cast on for the second one I noticed that my needles are really quite far from straight anymore. I expect at any moment that one will snap right in half and then I will be displeased. I have to say though, that knit three together and SSSK are difficult. Like, really hard. That's why the bendage.

And really this doesn't quite convey the extreme bendiness of the poor things. Maybe I should try to find some steel needles.

Beads all lined up nice and pretty, ready to be threaded onto the yarn for the second glove.


Anonymous said...

Too funny...that's how my steel #2's and #1's look!

She said...

Perhaps you need Titanium? :) Knit two together is bad enough - I swear some of the sadist pattern writers forget this s**t is supposed to be RELAXING! :)

Michelle said...

I feel better now knowing it's not just me.

Titanium might work ...