Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thread cardigan, moving right along

I now have the bottom of the cardigan done, up to where the shaping begins for the arm holes, blocked at this mid stage because the flowers were still really curled and the whole thing had taken on a disturbing parallelogram shape.
This is where it gets complicated and where I usually throw my hands up and quit because I just don't understand how garments are put together. Fingers crossed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New toys!

Here we have a hairpin lace loom, which sort of combines crocheting and weaving, I suppose, which is cool. And also a set of four double-ended Tunisian crochet hooks, with which I understand you can crochet two colors at once.

Here's what you can make with hairpin lace.

Here's what you can make with Tunisian crochet.

And here's my very first new-to-me loom, a rigid heddle loom! I haven't had a single second to play around with this, except for this little sampler. Once my thread projects are done I will turn my attention to the rigid heddle.