Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shark attack!

My friend Sheila likes to deep-sea dive, and I enjoy making her shark-related things for Christmas and her birthday (which are five days apart).

I don't have photos of this little shark pouch in progress because it came together so quickly, and it involved sewing AND a zipper, and I knew if I stopped to take photos I'd lose my momentum and never get back to it.

The body and tail are worked in one piece, and the fins are worked separately and then sewn on.
He doesn't look all that vicious.
Until he opens his apex predator jaws!
I went to my favorite high-end chocolate store and got some interesting bars. Pop rocks!
Mr. Shark chowed down. I hope the chocolate made it to its destination before being totally digested.
Scary things I did for this project: I accidentally bought a 22" zipper instead of a 7", so I figured out how to cut it to the right size. I then sewed those felt teeth onto the zipper and sewed the zipper into the mouth opening. Badly.

I have encouraged my friend, who is a quilter of the highest caliber, to feel free to rip out the zipper and reinsert it properly because: shame.

Monday, December 17, 2012