Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystery amigurumi

I spent the better part of the week working on a new amigurumi project, the final photos of which I won't post until probably next week. I will say that it's been a challenge...I thought I knew everything about crochet, and about amigurumi, but this thing had me sit up and pay attention.

Here's the first 10 rounds or so.

So far it looks like any other amigurumi. At this point it could turn into just about anything.
And here we are at the halfway point.

Those twists and turns? They're accomplished by making short rows, sort of akin to short rows in knitting, and then going back to the beginning of the round, BACKWARDS AND WITH THE LEFT HAND. This took some getting used to. Turns out I'm extremely right handed.
And here's the body, all done. In total, the body is 150 "rounds," although quite a few rounds only went halfway around, followed by the backwards, left-handed part of the curve, which frankly took about three times as long as a whole round. It never really got any easier. Also, it's stuffed as you go, which is unusual with amigurumi. This was fine in the beginning rounds, but as it got longer it was hard to hold the thing because it was so stiff, while at the same time crocheting backwards. Don't get me wrong ... it was fun!

It actually doesn't twist quite as much as it should. Not sure why that is.
And here are all the various bits and pieces that will be attached.

Any guesses?
Finally, I started another little project, but I might not have enough yarn to see it through to the end. Again, it needs to remain a mystery for the moment, so here's a closeup of the tangled mess it currently is.

Perhaps this one is an easier guess.

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