Monday, April 10, 2006

Quilty goodness

I did not make this, my mother-in-law did. But it's so lovely that I thought it deserved to be seen by more than the two people who sleep in my bedroom.

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Anonymous said...

And thus, with that photo, my shame is complete that I was not the first to make you a quilt...
I do have an idea in my head though..... ;) Nice one, the colors don't come through very well in the picture, but the pattern is called Ohio Star, and she is clearly an accomplished quilter! I'm currently working on a collection of blocks made by non-quilters for a friend's baby shower (translation - people who have used everything fromm burlap and silk to polyester and iron on plastic and expect me to sew it together - oh the horror!!!)

That's what you get when you can't say 'no'.