Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm baaaaack!

After a ridiculously long hiatus, filled with shoulder surgery, recovery, a new job, a profound lack of motivation, and the death of a camera, I now have some new things to share. I'll parcel them out over the next few weeks. Wouldn't want anyone to go into shock or anything.

So first up -- a pride of lions! I made a lion for my niece (from a Roxycraft pattern -- what would I do without her patterns), and then my husband informed me that he absolutely had to have one, and then just for good measure I made one for a friend whose sister is having a baby. I think they're pretty cute, despite the fact that my embroidery skills leave a lot to be desired.


Pyo said...

Lots of things have happened in your life, I'm glad your health is improving. Your lions are cute, I never tried amigurumi, but as I have a baby daughter, I'll have to as soon as her path crosses one

Thank you for sharing,


Anonymous said...

Yay, you're back! :) Did I send you the picture of the Octopus you made riding in my bag all the way home? He lives in my cube under the coffee tree, and many people come by to say how cute he is, even though he's still nameless. The lions are adorable, and your embroidery is better than you think.

Beth in VA said...

Too cute! Got your e-mail--been insanely busy with no sign of letup...