Monday, February 12, 2007


So I'd been seeing this pattern as an ad in pretty much every crochet magazine I'd picked up in the last several months, and finally decided that it looked way too comfy not to be made. (Sadly, the puppy seems not to have come with the pattern.) However, because everything in my life is green these days, I thought it would be good to shake it up a bit. So I went for a red (claret) and a darker red (burgundy). This is what the yarn looked like in the store, and when I worked up the first square.

However, in the cold light of the next day I was suddenly faced with lurid whorehouse pink and purple. Same squares, different light, utterly different look.

Suddenly I hated my afghan.

I guess I'll only be able to bring the thing out in the gloom of the evening when it actually looks quite nice.


Anonymous said...

M - Bummer! I've had that happen with fabric - what is a lovely sage green in store lighting is suddenly a hideous blue green at home, after you've spent $9 a yard on it. I feel your pain. I'm sewing up a storm on the new wonder machine, by summer I may have completed all of the 1/2 finished stuff lying around!


How disappointing for you. That pattern is lovely and your work is superb.