Friday, May 11, 2007

Progress report

The grannies are progressing nicely. I laid them all out last weekend, sort of vaguely hoping that I was close to blanket size, but clearly I have a ways to go.

And in case you were wondering, this is what 21 feet of cotton warp looks like after it's been woven into five kitchen towels. Now all I need to do is cut them apart, sew the edges, cut the fringe, and wash. Yeesh.


Anonymous said...

You are a maniac. I know I watch at least as much TV as you, and I don't get nearly as much done, or so it seems. I did manage to alter one pair of Carharts for the brother this weekend (he's decided he likes the legs TAPERED - have you ever tried to take apart a Carhart seam? Not easy! But he gives me fish......)
One more pair to go, and did some quilting on an almost 2 year-late wedding present, which WILL be done this summer........ ;0

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were blogging again - I'd given up checking! So that means you have a new camera. Your stash is impressive, my dear. And, 5 projects at one time - you are a maniac!

I love, love, the Lilly Jean scarf. You must post pictures of her modeling it too.