Thursday, January 03, 2008

I made a rug

It's smaller than it should be (of course) but I kind of like it. I ended up putting it outside the door to my condo. I got the pattern from my new book, Crochet Me. There are a lot of possibilities for huge thick circles made from Red Heart Super Saver.


Anonymous said...

OK, now That is cool! Love the random mod look, and the colors you chose are excellent! I like that one a lot, and think that YOU could sell THOSE! We'll all be millionaires soon...... ;0

Anonymous said...

very cool! I love the rug and will go get that book now.

Anonymous said...

dear dude, i keep meaning to ask you (but keep forgetting)if you might take orders/have a price list. i'm particularly interested in rug like this one and a flower scarf (which is pictured in another entry). if it's not feasible, no worries, but these are quite nice. :) --jb