Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Inkle weaving

My husband's aunt either gave or long-term loaned me (I have never really known which) an inkle loom, but I haven't been all that interested in making long bands, which is really all you can do with this type of loom. But then I got the latest edition of Weavezine, an online weaving magazine that's showing a lot of promise, and there are two pretty cool things in that issue: a bag that's somehow created out of a long band and a zipper, and shoelaces. I love the idea of making shoelaces for some reason, so last night I tried my hand at making my own heddles and warping the inkle loom. Here are the results. Obviously this won't be shoelaces, but at least I'll see if I like it enough to continue. One of the main things to recommend the inkle loom is that it's extremely portable.


Unknown said...

I hope you like making the shoelaces because the girls would love them!!

Anonymous said...

I can see why the shoelace pattern interested you - they are really cute! it's funny that I looked at your post today because I was just looking at Ellie's Girl Scout Interest Projects (badges) and one mentioned learning to use an "inkle loom". I had no idea what it was - now I do!