Monday, December 28, 2009

I love bamboo

For Christmas presents this year I made four scarfs from Aunt Lydia's bamboo crochet thread. It was a really easy pattern, and one that I could do on both of my looms, so for a while there I had a scarf going at home and at the cabin. I was in a weaving frenzy.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. This thread wove up incredibly silky and the scarves have great drape. And although the pattern is quite simple it looks way more complicated than it is.


She said...

I love bamboo too! :) Mine is the green one, I love it! It is so soft and warm around the neck. It's like that perfect pair of old jeans, only it's new! If I ever dare to wash it (heaven forbid i should get it dirty!) I'm guessing cold/gentle/woolite and lie flat to dry, then fluff lightly?

LOVE IT! (the blue one is real pretty too!) Thanks M!

Cynthia said...

I just found your blog and haven't gotten past the first entry. Those scarves are beautiful. Could you tell me where you found the draft? I can't wait to read all the other entries and see your wonderful work.

Michelle said...

Cynthia: Thanks so much! The draft is in the November Handwoven, I think. There are a number of articles on weaving on a budget ... something I never thought was possible!

Sheila: I think you're exactly right with the washing. I agitated the heck out of it in the kitchen sink, laid it out flat on a bunch of towels, rolled it in the towels, and then let it dry. You could probably lightly iron it too if needed.

Heather said...

your work is lovely. wow.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Heather!