Sunday, March 07, 2010

Knitted vest

Here's another UFO that's been haunting me for some time. According to the receipt in the bag, I bought the yarn for this project in February 2003. I don't even have the pattern anymore.

I believe that I gave up on it after I accidently joined the shoulders wrong way out. I took the shoulders apart.

Because I'm not a natural knitter, this thing is TIGHT. So I'm blocking the heck out of it, then will see if it will remotely fit me. If not, I think I'll figure out a way to crochet in a side panel, and then crochet the neck, and hopefully it won't be too awful. Stay tuned.


Cynthia said...

I wish that I felt like completing items that are laying around in bags. Two sweaters, scarves. At least there's nothing on my loom. Though that's not necessarily a good thing. I give you a lot of credit.

She said...

When you finish your UFO list, will you start on mine? :) Ok, so I am in the "middle" of one UFO that I need to have finished by May. 36 to go.....

I like the purple. People still wear sweater vests in the 'real' world?