Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thread cardigan: done!!

I spent the bulk of the weekend finishing the thread cardigan, to the point where I had The Claw by the end of the day Sunday. The very last row went around the entire perimeter of the thing, and took a full hour and half.
But it's done! And it looks more or less like the picture I was going from! AND, the most important part: IT FITS. Now I just need to find some fun half-inch buttons and it'll be completely done. Woo!

Here it is looking all pretty in the dappled sunlight. Note thread tablecloth, still in progress.

A slightly more close-up shot:

And me, trying to hold it together where the buttons will eventually be. The Mighty T-Rex looks on in approval.


ameiners said...

Such talent! That is truly an amazing gift you have. I can't imagine the tedious hours spent. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous..You got such a nice fit.

She said...

It's fantastic, Naturally! We're all getting one for Christmas, right? HAHAHAHAA!!!

Really, though, I've been checking back to see when it would be finished, and it's fantastic. Hard to tell about the color, get a flash on that camera..... :)


Michelle said...

Thanks, guys! I'm really very pleased with it.

Sheila, you are a very funny girl. But you know me well. I'd love to make another one, just ... not yet. And shut up about the photography. It's my cell phone camera.

Becky said...

Wow! That's so beautiful! Great job!
(I laughed so much at "The Claw" comment.)

Loree Jackson said...

Wow...that is just so delicate and so beautiful!