Monday, July 11, 2011

It feels good ... have projects going in all my crafty areas.

First up, the cable sock is coming along. Now that I have three or four (or maybe five) projects going at once, I'm only committing to one row a day on the sock. That'll get me where I'm going, just not at a fast pace, which is fine. I realized I forgot my cable needle this weekend, but following the advice of The Husband (who taught me to knit way back when), I used a small steel crochet hook instead, and it worked fine, with only a smidgen of angst thrown in.

The pooling isn't quite so obvious in person, I don't think. This thing feels great, even in 70% humidity.
I'm also making good progress on my thread runner, despite some truly awful instructions. I emailed Crochet World about them last week and received a reply that my concerns had been sent to the "appropriate department."  Mm hm. 

Each motif is taking me about an hour. So far I've managed about one a day, but I doubt I can keep up that pace.
And I bought starch for the first time in my life! Yikes. I'll test it out on the pineapple when I finish the edging (which is boring, which is why I'm still not done).
And finally, I'm weaving the tencel project! My diligence in making sure it was correctly threaded has paid off. It's weaving up great. I love this pattern so much.

The first repeat. It's hard to get good lighting.
A better shot of the pattern. It looks so much more complicated than it is.
This is dark but gives a better idea of the colors.

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She said...

Oooohhhhh! Tencel project is fabu Gorgeous! And the thread runner reminds me of snowflakes, very pretty! You are getting much more done than I am!

Oh, and finally figured out the caption picture thing, which had everything to do with the fact that I hadn't updated the tools recently, or, ever.