Monday, May 21, 2012

Done at last!

I had the great benefit of being home a couple of days last week while some workers came in to turn my bathroom from a tragic pile of squalor into a gorgeous sleek beauty of a room, and I also didn't have much going on at work, so I was able to power through and get the skinny silk scarf done!

I was a little concerned because there's no binding off in this pattern. I had to store the stitches on a dpn while I worked on the other end piece. Luckily no stitches fell off.
Then I knitted up the second end piece.
And then I grafted the two pieces together! I really took my time with this because kitchener stitch is the bane of my very existence. I'd do a couple of stitches and then walk away for a while. Worked out fine in the end, I'm happy to say.
And finally I was able to block. I'm so happy I have wire rods, which I threaded down the sides. I'm also happy for heavy-duty t-pins, because the little flimsy push pins I also have just were not doing the trick. I stretched the holy hell out of this thing.
But that's how we get from this ...
To this!
It was still slightly damp this morning, so I haven't taken the pins out yet, and I may block it again because it's not totally uniform, but either way at some point soon I will post a pic of this thing being worn by me.
I'm really rather pleased with myself.

Now I need to work up the courage to get back to this:


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm just starting a pair of socks with a tiny bit of lace pattern - we'll see how that goes! SOOOOO glad the lace wires are useful! It's beautiful - how about a picture of the bathroom!?
I swear I'm going to post 3 or 4 things this week - I facebooked the huge Garage project from this weekend (door guy is there as we speak hanging the door - yay!) now to think about shelving and workbench space! And - I'm so buying a saw-zal!

Loree Jackson said...

It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it off the block