Monday, July 09, 2012

I made something

My self-imposed crafting exile is coming to an end. But it was so worth it. I've been getting really antsy to get my hands on a hook and some thread, so I unearthed the many, many books of patterns that I now have, and found this one, from 1961. I just happened to have some size 30 thread and a size 10 steel hook, and I was also able to FIND both of those items, so I happily crocheted away the weekend and watched the Wimbledon finals while it sizzled to 106 outside.

The pattern. Of course I was drawn to a tablecloth pattern, even though I do not own a table. Maybe I'll just make a runner. I don't know this early on.
Motif #1.
Motif #2. Join as you go!
Motif #3. These take a good long while to finish, but that should change once I memorize the pattern.


LindaCrochets said...

Beautiful choice of squares to do. It would look lovely in a runner. I just finished a runner.

Michelle said...

When I grow up I hope to be able to make thread projects even half as gorgeous as your stuff.

Loree Jackson said...

These are beautiful!