Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Turned a corner

I've been plugging away at the thread motifs. I got 14 motifs out of one skein of thread, and then discovered that I had another skein lurking in the back of the stash, so I started on row two. I'm still thinking this will be a runner for my nonexistent table.

It's long! I couldn't get the whole thing to fit in the shot.
Close-up shot. I think this will be lovely after blocking.

In other news: I'm starting to feel the Call of the Loom. It must be that Fall is around the corner. I've been neglecting all my looms for way too long.

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She said...

Very Pretty! Mom and Dad are on the ferry back to Oregon, so after I catch up with bills that didn't get paid and clothes that didn't get put away while they were here, I can get back to my sewing machine! Plus, I have all those Daily Shows on the DVR that I couldn't watch while the conservative parents were here... :)