Friday, October 14, 2005

Amigurumi elephant

Here's a little amigurumi elephant that I made a few days ago, using the pattern from this site. Amigurumi is a Japanese style of crochet, all in the round -- I'd never heard of it before a couple of weeks ago, but I fell in love with the style. I love these little fellows and have every intention of making them all. They're really easy to make, and they're just so darn cute. And, as an added bonus, I finally have a way of using of the twelve tons of yarn I have laying around. Stay tuned for a slew of pix of various critters.


Anonymous said...

Are you secretly building a zoo in your apartment? Or are the nieces inheriting all of these critters?

Michelle said...

Actually, Tom has requested his very own menagerie, so right now he has a Zombie Mouse, an elephant, and a frog staring at him from the coffee table.