Monday, October 03, 2005

Fun with double weave

Here's my first, and to date only, attempt at double weave. This is a very cool method wherein you can weave two totally separate pieces at the same time. This is a sampler which shows all the ways that double weave can be used: open on one end (so you could, say, weave a blanket that's twice as wide as your loom), open on both ends (thus allowing the piece to be hung -- notice that at the bottom of the piece, the white is in the front, but at the top, the red is in the front), completely closed (if you wanted to make, say, a pillow), or using "pick-up sticks" (this is how the pattern at the top was done -- you use a stick to "pick up" the threads from the lower layer and bring them to the top). It's a very cool technique and one that I plan to try again.


Anonymous said...

As the proud recipient of this project, I can tell you that it is even cooler than the photo!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the mind reels. Two at once, on the same's like reading Carl Sagan - my brain is hurting.......but in a cool way.