Friday, January 20, 2006

Chapeaux tres belles

Regina over at Monster Crochet has begun a crochet-along (known in the biz as a CAL) for some super fun hats that she found in an old magazine from the 60s (possibly even older than I am, hard to believe, I know). I am going to make this rosy, elegant, and totally beautiful headband and muff. And then I will embarrass my husband by wearing them everywhere.


Unknown said...

Too bad we're not neighbors cuz we could look like dorks together!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, do the one with the big flowers! I can say that 'cuz I'll be there in summer, when it won't be worn.. ;0 Hey, you linked us! I'll have to come up with something clever now.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am stunned at all your art. What incredible detail in the necklaces you crocheted. The woven scarves look priceless, even with your "lousy" camera pics. I can't wait til my eldest comes home to show her your work. Those projects are right up her alley. A childless lawyer neighbor has taken her under her wing, and she also weaves, beads, quilts. I think their plan for the rest of this winter is to create a quilt with home-dyed fabrics. We'll see. I imagine her hands would itch to see your loom.

Your turning 40 with such grace sets the stage for the rest of us. Glad to hear you're still running... inspiring. I am still hiking, and now joined the club in Dec. to add weight lifting. Hoping that will slow the sag. Have you figured out what's up with those migraines? Do you go to a chiropractor at all for possible treatment of them?

Alas, the 2 youngest are now both around my neck. I think we'll go x-country ski in the meadows. There's just a light snow falling. The eldest is up at Eaglecrest, I imagine with crowds in line. Yuk.

Enjoy your weekend. ---- AJ