Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The scarf of paralysis

Here it is, the scarf that had all the problems and that had me paralyzed for three weeks. The photos don't show all that well what the problem was, but essentially, the tension wasn't the same in the middle of the scarf, so you might be able to see an area in the middle where it's sort of riding up.

I also had problems with the threads on the very ends breaking, which is why you can see some fuzziness on the edges.

Once I was told how to fix the tension problem, it wove up pretty easily. I still can't believe that it stymied me for as long as it did. And my good friend Sheila seems to really like it, so that just proves that you don't have to be perfect to be appreciated. I'm so wise now that I'm 40.

Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it finished. I'm just glad it's off my loom.


Unknown said...

It's really stunning Michelle. What fiber are you using?

Michelle said...

Those scarfs are made from Tencel, which I particularly love to use. The baby blanket from the Nov. 30 post was crocheted using doubled Tencel, and it ended up with a totally different feel. Tencel is strong enough to weave with, but once you wash it and steam iron it, it becomes really soft and silky. And it's WAY cheaper than silk.