Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Baby blanket

Here's a blanket I made for my youngest niece, who's now 14 months old, before she was born. I got the pattern here. You can see it on the cover! The pattern called for silk, but come on, who has that kind of cash laying around. So I found a nice neutral tencel and doubled it up. It has a really nice drape and a silkish feel. I was quite pleased with it. You may be able to tell that the actual baby has been allowed nowhere near the thing.

In other news: I am completely freaked out about the holidays. This happens to me every year, and every year I swear I'm going to work on stuff throughout the coming year, and then I get distracted, and before I know it, it's December again.

I know what I'm making or getting for most people, but I have NO IDEA what to do for my mother and my sister. I have a project for someone (who reads this blog so who must remain nameless) on my home loom, but it's giving me problems. I know it's probably not as bad as I think it is, but I swear, since it's not going perfectly it has me totally paralyzed. I can't do anything on any project. I just sit staring at the tv all evening, knowing I have all these projects to work on, and totally unable to get off my ass and do some work. I need a kick in the behind. And some ideas. Gah!!


Tandi said...

What a beautiful job Michelle! That turned out great.

Anonymous said...

M - As a quilter, I have the exact same problem. Why don't the Christmas idea catalogs for crafters come out in JULY, so we can see the ideas and start working THEN? I found a cute project to make for friends (I'll do different personalized projects for everyone NEXT year, yeah, right.) so I decided to make 16 of them. 16. What the HELL was I thinking? You know what I did? I burned a day of leave time at work, stayed home all day and did just that. It Worked pretty good to alleviate some holiday angst. Of course, no lights, tree or decorations yet. Sigh. And you've realized that not only do you have to complete stuff, you have to do it in time to MAIL things, right? AAAHHHHHHH! ;0

Unknown said...

What a stunning blanket!

I'm right there with ya sistah...the holidays and all that goes with them completely freak me out too. I am crocheting and knitting like a mad woman right now. You think I'd learn since this happens every single year...LOL.