Friday, December 02, 2005

Apropos of nothing

Since I'm still in the throes of my crippling crochet paralysis (see below), I'll just post this photo and ask: why, WHY, does the national Christmas tree always have to be made to look as if someone put a gigantic condom on a perfectly lovely pine tree?

I swear we have the fugliest tree in the country. Every year, no matter who's in charge.


Anonymous said...

I agree! New York manages to decorate a beautiful tree every year, and have a TV show to light it. Why cant the white house hire their tree-decorator? It does seem particularly ugly this year though.....

OH, and BEEEUUUUTIFUL baby blanket - - I didn't even know they made Tencel string, that would be soft!

Unknown said...

It totally looks like a condom. LOL