Friday, April 27, 2007

Other projects

I keep forgetting to cross-post from the other blogs I'm contributing to.

My ripple is finished! It's huge, and it's heavy, and it's done just in time for me to longer need to huddle under it. I'll see you again in the fall, lovely ripple.

And I still have all this stash left over. Now, granted, a lot of the stash was too bulky for the ripple, and some of it is for weaving, but still.

Good thing I'm still making grannies. I'm also blocking them, which I was reluctant to do at first because I didn't see the point, but boy does it make a difference. They're nice and flat, and uniform too. The ones on the table are blocked, the ones on the arm of the chair are not.

And finally, I now have two rows done on the tablecloth.

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Anonymous said...

M - when do you sleep, woman?! I managed to do 3 hours of hand quilting and about 1/2 hour of actual sewing this weekend - with not much to show for it, I'm afraid.