Friday, April 13, 2007

Pattern change

Ok, so I finally finished the first of my planned six towels. Now, the thing about weaving is that the pattern lies half in how you thread the heddles, and half in how you set up the treadling. The heddles are the metal thingies that each thread goes through. How it's lifted depends on which treadle it's attached to, and in which order.
These are the treadles. The white cords are attached to the shafts, which hold the heddles.

And here is me pressing down on treadle number 1 and attempting to take a picture of the result, which is that several of the shafts are raised, thus raising the threads in a certain way. When I then put my weft yarn through those threads and let the treadle back down, part of the pattern is created.

So what I did when I was done with the first towel was to reorder which shafts are raised when I push on a treadle. My treadling order is still the same, so the only thing that's changed is which shafts are attached to which treadle. And this is the new pattern. I don't like it as much as the first, but it's growing on me.

And finally, another picture showing the dark underbelly of the weaving.


Anonymous said...

M - love the diamond pattern! I picked up a couple of woven things in Honduras (small stuff) and am as always amazed by your talent!

Unknown said...

I also love the diamond pattern. My towels are looking a little ragged...

Elisa said...

Beautiful towels - I love the colors. What color are you using for the weft? Weaving is next up on my to-do list; I have a loom, but we aren't friends yet.

Michelle said...


Thanks! The weft is a sort of dark brown.

Make friends with your loom!! I neglected mine for a year, but it's forgiven me now.