Friday, June 22, 2007

Black & White

Last weekend I finished a scarf for my friend Raquel's birthday (only 4 months late). It's a deflected double weave, which basically means that as you weave, the black and the white parts are totally separate from each other. In other words, it's magic. It was fraught with peril, this project, and completely unlike anything else I've ever done, but I'm quite pleased with the result. And it looks just like the original!


Anonymous said...

M - that is gorgeous! Do the threads float? I only hope you haven't given it to her yet, so I get to see it this weekend! ;0 What's another week?......I'm bringing some quilting for our craft session in the woods! ;0

ameiners said...

M -- I love this piece! The shapes in it are incredible. -- AJ