Thursday, June 21, 2007

First yarn!

So I'm taking a spinning class. My husband's aunt has an alpaca farm, and she gave us on long-term loan all the accoutrements for spinning yarn. I had my first two classes this week, and I can report that I am the suckiest spinner who ever sucked. I was totally frustrated and despondent after the first class. I dreaded going back. But then in the second class, I learned that I'd been going about it all wrong. Turns out you're supposed to pull on the fleece with the front hand, not the back. This made things easier. The white skein is my first attempt. The white and orange is the second.

I think what's most surprising to me is what a fast process it is. There's no time to linger. Lingering leads to deadly kinkage:

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Anonymous said...

M - keep it up, even I can tell the second batch is better than the first! - - check out for some inspiration and some REALLY nobby yarns! The gal lives in Kodiak, I met her a couple years ago when I was there, she has some great ideas.