Friday, November 30, 2007

Echo weave

Here are some pix of a new weaving project that I'm dragging my feet on. The pattern is called "echo weave," and if I can bring myself to work on it, it'll be super cool. The threads (warp) are alternating blue shiny tencel and green matte cotton.

The problem is that the threads are tightly screwed up on the left side, which is causing all kinds of tensioning problems. I may have already broken one thread, and I'm only about two inches into it. So I'm afraid to start again.

I don't have a photo yet of what it looks like woven up, but here's the weft color, and believe it or not, it works. Looks like a peacock.


Anonymous said...

Oooooo, Aaaaahhhh! I know I have already been the VERY lucky recipient of several of your exquisite projects, but have I mentioned lately how much I love blue and green things with a bit of shiny? You know, just in case you didn't remember? :)
It's gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I'm working on the same project. I can't find the pattern for threading! I know I got it from a Handwoven issue but I can't find that either! Do you know which handwoven issue that was from or can you send me the draft, PLEASE.