Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting in touch with my inner Girl Scout

Over the weekend I impulse bought a potholder loom and some "loopers," and spent some time in a heavy childhood flashback. It was fun! I'll be doing more.


she said...

And if you sew them together you can make placemats! Man, I have that flashback too! I also used to have a tiny one with metal pins sticking up, you used yarn and a needle, but same principle. I still have a coaster on my desk (my coffee sits on it) I made. I should get my niece one of those!

Julie said...

My DC girls brought this one day and we made up just about every single one we could. It was a blast and like you said, the memories. I think my sister and I made 100's of these in our time and I remember mama having them hanging on all the door knobs.
Happy Thankgiving and God Bless!