Monday, June 08, 2009

Tapestry crochet

This is my first foray into tapestry crochet, which involves two colors, one of which gets carried along when it's not being used. But unlike in knitting, which creates horrible "floats" on the back side, in tapestry crochet the yarn that's not being used is hidden within the stitch.

Naturally, because I've never done this before, I decided to try it with one of the hardest things there is is to make: socks. Socks involve lots of increases and decreases, fancy hookwork, and total concentration. Tapestry crochet involves loads of charts and moving yarn around in complicated ways. It's a fun combination! And it's definitely not boring.

This is the bottom of the sock:

This is the top of the sock.
So far I have about 23 rows, which took about 4 days. And it's too tight, but I'm too invested to start over. Someone with smaller feet than mine might end up with these socks.

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Unknown said...

I'll take them!