Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby blanket: border wars

So I'm finally done with the body of the blanket and have moved on to the border. This thing is going to take forever ... I'm starting to worry that I won't make my deadline. Eek!

I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of these photos. My phone does not respond well when the light is not just right.

The border is done in "entrelac," which as far as I can tell is a fancy way of saying "overly weird and complicated." Here's a shot of row 1 of the border. It's a good candidate for a What Not to Crochet entry for how to ruin a perfectly good blanket with a bad border, yes?

Little bumpy triangles: not pretty
But things get better. Hours and HOURS after starting row 1 I was finally ready to move on to row 2, where the spaces between the triangles are filled.  Things are looking up.

Fuzzy filled-in triangles: prettier!
After row 2 come three or four (or maybe even five) more rows. I sense The Claw lurking in my future.

1 comment:

She said...

Hmm.....interesting - I'm sure it will be fine in the end.....

'entrelac' sounds like a sci-fi character, or the name of some planet the zorgons invaded after the great dust storm wars of 2800..... :)