Monday, December 13, 2010

Gah! Too many projects!

I am suddenly overwhelmed with all the projects I'm working on. Not entirely sure how this happened ... most of this stuff isn't even for Christmas!

This used to be my ottoman. No feet are able to rest in this mess at the moment, however.
I FINISHED THE TABLECLOTH MOTIFS. Now I am taking my sweet time sewing the last row on.
I am working on two sock patterns simultaneously.
I joined a crochet-along to make a large shawl out of some small, yummy yarn.
I'm still laboring away on the rigid heddle.
And because all that just wasn't enough, I decided to start a new project on the cabin loom.
Didn't get too far though.
 Lord have mercy.

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She said...

LOL! I still have boxes and unwrapped presents strewn about my living room - nothing has been mailed yet! And two "grow charts" that are going to be adorable, which are no where near complete - also for Christmas......sigh. Remind me NEVER to travel in November again!

Your projects look fun - brown and green sock pattern - yummy! And the shawl - is going to be amazing.