Monday, December 20, 2010

Tablecloth: DONE

At last! This project that I originally started about 4 years ago and then burned out on, then started again back in February, is done. I'm feeling a little bereft, if I'm honest. I need another insanely complicated or huge project to occupy my time ... maybe I'll finally tackle a thread pineapple.

So here it is:

Draped over my ottoman


Spread out on the floor. It's pretty huge: 54 x 69!
And here's the best part: I don't actually own a table that I can put this on.


LindaCrochets said...

An absolute heirloom! Beautiful!!!
Glad you stuck with it and got it done....there's always great satisifaction in that!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Linda! I hope you don't mind that I stole your pineapple photo. I love it and covet it. :-)

she said...

Beautiful! You need to buy that thing a table... :)

I love how the corners make stars....

Michelle said...

Funny. I love how the squares make circles!

Cynthia said...