Monday, January 24, 2011

Tunic: done but not blocked

My tunic turned out well! It even nearly fits, and I'm confident that once I block it it'll fit just right. It came together fairly quickly, and was super easy (each motif took about 10 minutes...I'm sure some would say that's hardly quick, but in the world of thread that's practically light speed). The best part: it was a join-as-you-go project, which means NO SEWING. My favorite kind of project. I'm sure this will get more wear than a shawl would have, which was the original purpose of this yarn.

The down side: I'm now project-less.  Uh oh.

All done except the weaving in of the last row's pesky ends.

This pattern called for a "box pleat" in the middle of the neckline, which involved gathering the middle five motifs all together and sewing them together at the top so it looks like there's only one. OK, so there was a TINY bit of sewing.
Then one more motif was put in the gap created by the box pleat, and a couple of rows of double crochet went around the arm holes.

This will definitely fit better post-blocking.

I really dig the back.


Alettesiriane said...

This is a nie top ,the back makes you look several times.

She said...

Very nice! Looks like the yellow is verigated too, which I'm sure will look very pretty in summer!

Rebecca McNulty said...

Lovely! A great use for your shawl yarn.