Monday, June 13, 2011

Too damn hot

Last Thursday we saw the hottest June day in DC in 137 years. I believe the actual temperature hit 102, and the heat index was around 110. When it's that hot out all I want to do is watch mindless tv and drink gin and tonics. What I don't want to do is fiddle around with fiber, especially animal fiber.

So needless to say, I didn't get much done this past week on any project.

I did manage to get the tencel project tied on, and the header woven.

And I got a bobbin of weft thread wound on. That doesn't take a lot of effort.
It's gonna be pretty, I think.
However. And isn't there always a however? When I was weaving the first few picks of plain weave, I noticed two places that appear to have been threaded wrong. I was not happy. I fled to the living room and promptly ignored the problem for the rest of the week. I think I should be able to unweave the few picks I wove, undo the two bad threads, and attach a temporary heddle to the correct shaft. We'll see if I feel brave enough to try that this week. It sounds only slightly less ominous than undoing all the threading and starting over.

The good news: weather forecasted to be in the low 80s all week, and I just bought a Groupon at my yarn store, so new socks, here I come. I also finally found a source for size 20 and size 30 crochet thread, which is on its way, so yay new thread projects!!

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She said...

I would have been a puddle on the deck, yelling 'pour more gin and tonics in my mouth!' :)

What the heck is a groupon?