Monday, July 25, 2011

Tired hands

This weekend a combination of taking Friday off, heat indices that topped out at 125, and Netflix informing me that both Xena and Thirtysomething were available to watch on streaming meant that I stayed home and watched a crapload of tv and got a LOT of crafting done.

First up, the thread runner! I love that moment when you finally have the pattern memorized and can put the (terrible) instructions away. I have reached that point.

A perfect square! Five rows down, eight to go.
Next up, the sock! I persevered through the scary heel instructions.

Heel flap: done!
Turned heel: done!

Back on to three needles: done!
And finally, I finished the tencel weaving project! Well ... I finished weaving it. There are still some things that need to be done.

My hemstitching is always WAY better at the end of a project than at the beginning.
Cutting a project off the loom is always sort of heart stopping. This photo is upside down...
Here's the back side.
Here we are getting ready to trim the fringe so it's even.
Buh-bye, castoff fringe.
Before I wash and press it, I need to twist the fringe. This process will likely take days. That's a couple of hours of effort right there.

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She said...

Tencel project is fabu gorgeous! You did get a lot done this weekend - I managed most of the food (including North Douglas Chocolate cake AND a Daquiri Cheesecake) for sister-in-law's 'surprise' birthday on Friday, then sewed all day at a local church with a group of the quilters - I took three projects, only got through one. Will post it tonight. This week I applique/hand work, which means I'll be streaming Netflix too! Must finish watching season 3 of Breaking Bad.....