Monday, October 17, 2011

The power of blocking

I bought myself a sock blocker, which is basically a sock-shaped metal thing that you can hang from a shower rod or door handle. Holy cow what a difference!

Here's a sock freshly soaked and stretched over the blocker.
Here's the newly blocked sock next to its sad, wrinkly, unblocked partner.
And here's the happy couple, blocked and ready to face the world.
After this blocking success, and the more modest success I had with the thread doily, I also tackled the thread runner. I will say again: I need a proper blocking mat.

Soaked, lightly starched, and pinned to within an inch of its life.
Flat and pretty!
And ready to move to a friend's house. I have a tragic lack of flat surfaces.
And in Happy Weaving News: the bamboo project is underway at last. I had plans to spend much of the weekend weaving, but other stuff, including a book that I just simply can't put down, got in the way. But it's moving at pretty good clip so should be done soon.

A moody shot of the warp finally tied on.
And a close-up shot.
And a slightly longer view.


She said...

Great minds think alike - I was thinking I should order you (and me) sock blockers for Christmas/B-day! I have done f-all since the moving process started - and it's only going to get worse for the next 3 weeks, so I shall be very late with any gifts which are still in my head and yet to be created. LOVE the snowflake thread runner, it turned out so pretty! It would look fantastic with a dark blue/silvery Christmas runner underneath......I'm having visions of an actual table, like you could have a whole family for Thanksgiving at, for the new house. Thank god I don't have one already - I'd have to move it! HA!

She said...

By 'very late' I mean - think Valentines day........ :) I am starting to get excited about the Philippines trip - which, it just occurred to me, I'm going to need to pack for BEFORE I move, so I don't pack stuff I'll need. Yikes.