Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Am I done?

I finished two rows of what I've been thinking of as the thread runner. I can't decide if I'm done or if I should make a third row.

On the one hand, once it's blocked it'll be wider and more runner-y. To the left there? All the thread that's left over. That's some good usage of materials right there.
On the other hand, a third row would highlight that nice diamond pattern better. What to do??
While I'm ponder this Very Important Question, a friend saw me wearing the green skinny scarf and asked me to make one for her, but in pink, and longer. The green skinny scarf used up every available inch of yarn so I consulted with the lovely ladies at my favorite yarn store to come up with a suitable substitute. After much discussion, we decided that this delicious hand-dyed yarn would do the trick.

It's slightly thicker than the all-silk yarn of the green scarf, and it's a silk/merino blend. I'm using size 6 needles, which, it turns out, are really comfortable and easy for me to work with (the green one used size 4).
So after a weekend of alternating between knitting two rows and reading a chapter of my book, I have the bottom edging and one pattern repeat done. It's not as delicate as the silk, but I think it'll block nicely and should ... SHOULD ... produce a longer scarf.

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She said...

You're back! First - THREE rows. I think you will get MUCH more pattern play, and be happier in the long run if you do 3. Second - pretty scarf - I'm 40" or 1/2 way through mine - one skein down, one to go, almost exactly. 80" might be long for a scarf, but it's laceweight alpaca, so it will be very light, and not very wide - I did order some of the blocking wires, which the post office bent, breaking the entire tube. Sigh. Thankfully the nice ladies at knitpicks said they would just send another set. I am also doing some cabled hand warmers for my niece, cables are odd, and look like they aren't going to work every single time. Starting with one 12 wide might not have been the best 'beginner' plan.....anyway - doing all that while I'm avoiding cleaning my quilt space and doing color pattern hats for my family - color changing sucks, I've decided. And I have 4 hats to make. Sigh.