Monday, April 22, 2013

It's been a while

Turns out I haven't posted anything since before Christmas! This is, without a doubt, the longest dry spell I've ever had. Part of the problem is that I bought materials for some socks that I then realized were just WAY beyond my abilities (if you don't believe me, click here and scroll down to the heel instructions). And then I couldn't find my favorite sock book. It has disappeared somewhere within my palatial 635 square feet of living space. Also? I found a great woven towel pattern and ordered the supplies for it, only to find out that everything I ordered is on months-long back order, so I canceled the order. And then I wanted to make a thread doily, or something from thread, but I also can't find my favorite doily book.  Grr.

So the other day I broke down and bought a big-ass cone of size 10 crochet thread and went to town through my gazillions of ancient thread patterns. I found one that I like:

This is from a book of patterns from the mid-50s. I made a go of starting it, but my thread is too big for this one.

Then I found this one:

This is from a book of patterns from the mid-70s. In addition to all my missing pattern books, I also appear to be missing some steel hooks, so instead of a size 10 or whatever hook it called for, I am using my smallest regular hook, a size B.

I actually got within three rounds of finishing it over the weekend but then my hands gave out. Here's a photo from the first several rounds. I'll post more when it's done.

It's going to take just a wee bit of blocking.
I think I have the thread bug again, but this pattern just didn't do it for me. I think it may have been too easy, and the thread is too big. I need smaller thread and a fresh supply of steel hooks. Herrschners to the rescue!

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She said...

She's back! HAHA I feel a little more justified in my house now when I lose something, but doesn't it make you INSANE when you can't find something in under 800 ft of space? I mean, it's RIGHT HERE somewhere! I had that same frustration all the time in the condo! Love the big doily in the first picture - that overall design might make a cool quilt too!