Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nesting baskets

I think these were made with linen, or maybe flax, which was kind of a pain in the butt to work with, but which turned out pretty well. They ended up being quite sturdy. I believe my mother is using them as flower pots or something. The pattern came from Hip to Crochet.


Anonymous said...

M - - I LOVE THESE!!!!!!! Reminds me of the ones I saw recently in Sundance Catalog, I'm still trying to get the drool off the page. They were earth-tone, of course, browns and brick, and greens, it is Sundance, after all, but these colors are cute too - - I don't think I'd even put anything in them, just put them casually on a nice piece of furniture..... VERY, VERY cool. She

The Food Whore said...

Oh my gosh - these are beautiful!

Everything on this page is absolutely gorgeous!

I can crochet afghans and scarves. That is it. And in fact, I started an afghan 2 years ago and it's still half done.


Your work is stunning.

Michelle said...

Holy crap! The Food Whore has commented on my stuff. In the words of Elaine Benis, I am speechless. I am without speech.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!! I love all things baskety, but my goodness these are the neatest things I have seen in quite some time.

Anonymous said...

These baskets are so cute and useful too! I want some - but I don't crochet. HMMMM... Maybe I can talk someone into making them for me!!