Thursday, September 22, 2005

On the loom

My first project on my new "cabin loom." This loom came with pounds and pounds of chenille, and I thought I should probably make an attempt to use it up. Unfortunately, I don't like how the colors look together, although I like the pattern, which is "tromp as writ." I've ordered some new chenille to try again: a light tan to go with the red, and amethyst to go with the "flax." It's not hideously ugly or anything, and in all likelihood it'll improve with wet finishing, but at the moment I'm not in love.

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Anonymous said...

M - Hmmm... I agree with you on the colors, but maybe it will make a nice neutral cabin couch cover, if nothing else, it will be soft! I know how that goes, with quilting sometimes you get 1/2 way through something, and decide you don't really like it, but might as well finish it. I put them on the 'gift shelf' in the closet - eventually it will be the perfect thing for someone.