Friday, September 23, 2005

Old stuff

Stuffed elephant and some kitchen towels from a couple of Christmases ago.

A not-bad first attempt at lace making.

And some kick-ass bread towels.


Anonymous said...

Good Grief, Woman! When do you sleep! Love the kitchen and bread towels, and if I ever get married (HA!) you are hired to make lace for my dress....FYI food whore is good today. Looks like rain all weekend, which is fine with me - elliptical in the morning, then quilt, quilt, quilt! Working on a baby quilt with bears and mountains, and another just bright swirly colors, then knitting a scarf for Corey for Halloween, Orange, of course. Have a good weekend, shuttle queen! :) Shera

Michelle said...

You're too kind. Keep in mind that these projects span years. And send me pictures of quilting when you're done!

Carly said...

nice lace... I have things like that made by my grandma and I cherish them

Anonymous said...

Lace, too??! Wow. Remember Nancy from Lafayette and her tatting shuttles and stuff? Your lace project is gorgeous. Too pretty to put a lamp on. You should frame it.