Friday, October 19, 2007

WIP no more

I don't know about other crafts, but in crochet, a WIP is a work in progress. This sweater has been a WIP for oh, about six years now. I started it when I found out my sister was going to have a baby. That baby is now in kindergarten and will turn six in March.

The problem was that the pattern is dreadfully written.

However, once I set my mind to it and sat down and stared at the photo, the thing only took about 6 hours to complete ... including sewing all the pieces together and weaving in all the ends. If I'd only known.

Here are the pieces I'd completed six years ago, all wrinkled from sitting in a bag for all that time.

And here's me striking a pose with the finished item. I put it in the mail this morning!


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why it was a free pattern! Looks comfy for winter in the NW.

WIPs! I've got lots! About patterns, you know I love to cross-stitch and you are very experienced in crochet. What would it take for us to make our own patterns? Why does that seem like a such a leap? Have you ever tried?

Michelle said...

I have never tried to write down an original pattern, no. With crochet you have all these different stitches, and it's a pain. Although, more and more these days people are using charts instead of written instructions. But I don't know how I'd get Microsoft Word to cooperate in that regard either.

I would think a cross-stitch original pattern would be MUCH easier. Isn't it all on a grid?

Anonymous said...

M - In quilting we call them "UFOs" - Un-Finished Objects. And yeah, I have a few of those 6-year veterans hanging around too! Ah, well -